Laurence Humier: Infinito Table

Laurence Humier is a young Belgian designer who lives and works in Italy. She calls herself Miss Design. For sometime now she has been working on furniture systems and studying ways to save and gain space; foldable seats that open and close like an accordion, extendable tables so as to add a few more places to the table, and recently, for the Milano Design Week, she presented a sheet metal stackable chair that folds vertically to save space during transport. The space issue is always current, yet often set aside. Infinito is a new four-person table. Able to both fold and expand, the table Infinito is an object of pure, simple, and ingenious lines, which adapts to the surrounding space. The package includes the base, which opens easily, andthe tabletop in PVC, whose pieces can be easily clipped onto the base depending on the needed length.Infinito is a nomadic table available for 4 or 8 places.