Bamboo Lantern: Atelier FCJZ

Chinese design group Atelier FCJZ have designed the Bamboo Lantern, a dialogue between opposites.The floor plan, a circle nested within a square, draws from ancient Chinese symbolism: with the square representing the Earth and the circle representing the heavens. The directionality, inherent in the square, is used to organise the surrounding exterior viewing space while the stillness of the circular shape, that defines the interior, intimately collects the rest of the space. The depth of the indentations across the exterior surface of the box change in relation to the thickness of its walls; the corners are deepest while the middle of each side of the box is thinnest. When viewed in perspective, tension is revealed between the circular interior space and the square exterior. The Bamboo Lantern is split in two halves that can be separated to allow visitors to enter and occupy its interior. When the box is closed, visitors may sit on the floor-plane and enjoy the small meditation space. The structure is built of transparent vacuum-formed and welded PVC while its skin is 3 mm bamboo veneer. The artificial material of its interior is covered by the natural beauty of the bamboo skin.