Brook Andrew Jumping Castle

Contemporary Australian indigenous artist Brook Andrew has developed a new artwork concept for the recent 17th Biennale of Sydney. The 7 metre square inflatable jumping castle is decorated with patterns based on Wiradjuri design, a distinctive feature in Andrew's extensive body of work.Towering over those who choose to interact with the work, stands a three metre tall male figure with arms outstretched.Brook Andrew's Jumping Castle War Memorial presents a puzzle: as a full-size inflatable ˜bouncy" castle it offers fun and laughs and an immersive experience, but as a self-titled war memorial it suggests solemnity and reflection.The dizzying mix of pop and Wiradjuri style' stamps its identity on this fairground symbol of European wealth and power. Andrew offers a contemporary war memorial for the Indigenous people who died after European settlement.His work may also suggest the "bounce" of debate and the verbal jousting of the ˜history wars".
Link: www.brookandrew.com