Carsten Höller: Canaries Mobile

 Carsten Höller is a German artist working and living in Stockholm, Sweden, whose recent installations include Test Site, the giant slides at Tate Modern in London as well as the Revolving Hotel Room at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Höller's artistic practice focuses on methods where the interaction between work and public becomes fundamental. "You could say that the real material I am working with is people's experience," he has said. His intention is to make the viewer receptive to an individual transformation that occurs the moment one comes into contact with and experiences the artwork. It is with these precedents in mind that Höller has developed Canaries Mobile project, a singing canaries mobile, a PVC and powder coated steel construction, which originated from his passion for the domestic birds. With this work, the artist confirms his belief in art''s capacity to subvert reality, as well as demonstrates his interest in what he calls "œinfluential environments", where duality is favoured against the unilateral.