Daniel Arsham: Three Dimensions

The American artist Daniel Arsham is best known for his reworking of architectural and natural forms of the everyday. His surreal art has been exhibited around the world and will now been seen on stage. Arsham has recently collaborated with the MerceCunningham dance company during the French National Biennale of Dance, the Festival Val-de-Marne in Paris. Arsham created the in-situ set for Merce Cunningham's "au tour du Paris" events during the festival. The performance events took place in a variety of theatres around the city. This was Arsham's second collaboration with the dance company, after his 2007 design for Eyespace during the Merce in Miami celebrations. Arsham's design has integrated found objects and he was also "cutting holes in the back wall of the theatre during the performance turning the architecture of the theatre into the set."Arsham follows in the footsteps of Robert Rauschenberg who was Cunningham's artistic director from 1954-1964.