Davide Angheleddu: Bach

The artistic productions of the creative young Italian, Davide Angheleddu, get inspiration from nature, particularly from nature sublimely described in the book ‘Art Forms of Nature’ by the Germanphilosopher and biologist, Ernst Haeckel. This work, carried out at the end of 1800, contains over 100 prints followed by an accurate description of animals and marine creatures: Haeckel’s study mainly focused on the observation of marine micro-organisms and ofthe spread of the theory of evolution.

These are images of astonishing beauty, which can go beyond their meaning. Above all, Angheleddu was impressed from the radiolarians’ siliceous skeletons, a component of the marine plankton, a substance present in all oceans. Radiolarians inspired his first work, an umbrella stand, named Bach, made with PVC tubes and basement in metal, and laid the basis of his following artistic production. Starting from primary forms, he submits them to the action of external forces which destroy them on the one hand and on the other, give them a new shape...that is, a new life.

Link: www.davideangheleddu.com