De-Signum Studio Gina Lamps

De-Signum Studio Lab was established at Milan, in 2006, by the creative cooperation between Lorenzo Longo
and Alessio Romano, two designers who met at the Istituto Europeo di Design. Over the years De-Signum has developed its philosophy in several stylistic, functional and material expressions, including the production of furnishings that embody the
same spirit as their luminous objects. seat, a lamp, a table or a mirror, in the De-Signum vision are not simply useful, beautiful, functional objects satisfying our senses, they are also, and above all, extra-sensorial signs.Gina is a collection of table, floor and hanging lamps born from experimentation with innovative materials such as the elasticised vinyl-covered fabric which combines softness
and classic design. A neoclassic design as a natural expression of the culture of our time, design - feeling the need to appeal to the past,
to re-evoke shapes and traditions forgotten because of the time passing by.
Link: www.de-signum.com