Fernando & Humberto Campana: Parasols

Parasol is a light structure thought of as a portable shelter for tropical zones. It doesn't come from casual inspiration, but from revisiting the traditional communal dwellings of the Brazilian Indians, the Oca. Campana brothers tell their project with these words: "œIt is the primitive equivalent of a cathedral, where the spiritual element blends with the elements of nature. By breaking the Oca structure, we created individual shelters". The Campanas experiment with all the poor materials you can find in bidonvilles, materials that have never been used to manufacture furniture earlier, such as rope, iron wire, PVC thread used to create complicated weavings, metal sheets, bubble wrap, cardboard" and they give dignity to these creations through their patient manual work.Since their eyes are trained to see beyond codified appearance, they try all the possible transfers, resuscitating commonly used materials for unlikely and poetic purposes.