Fernando & Humberto Campana Artisan: Hightech Craftsmanship

Bolon, the Swedish flooring company, has drawn its inspiration for Artisan, their new collection, from craftsmanship of the past and has fused together small-scale creativity with the opportunities presented by today's technologies. This has resulted in a new collection of vinyl floor coverings in unique styles and properties.

The latest collection is manufactured using a new proprietary fibre with a look that varies, to create a living room floor with a pronounced textile character. Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana and Bolon have entered into a unique partnership: a companionship that stretches the boundaries of design and presents new possibilities for vinyl flooring.

The Campana brothers" design vision revolves around deconstruction,transformation and reinvention and the addition of the typical Brazilian mix of colours, simple everyday materials and smart off-the-street solutions. They want to build cultural bridges and bring people closer together by creating furniture that opens dialogue and stimulates innovation. In true Campana spirit, they tore everything to pieces and created a new puzzle 'this time with a completely new stand.

The Campana brothers have deconstructed the vinyl floor and built one gigantic, chaotic item of furniture in a mosaic style.

Link: www.bolon.com