Florentijn Hofman: Rabbit Candybottle

For Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, the world is a huge playground. Hofman is known for integrating, intriguing and interactive installations into public spaces. Florentjin is a Dutch artist who is known for his intriguing and interactive installations in public spaces and playing with scale is a theme for this artist. “The bigger the object,the smaller the world. It makes us all family," he notes. He likes to take things to the extremes and really draw a crowd. It would seem that the world is a huge playground in which he can choose just about any spot or material to display his installations. Rabbit Candybottle looks like the familiar rubber toy and it was exposed in the center of Rotterdam last year. Weighing 6 to 10 tons, this installation made in PVC takes approxima-tely one hour to inflate. Hofman believes this soft, friendly Rabbit Candybottle re-lieves stress. He explains that people are often sentimental upon the recollecting their childhood or anything asso-ciated with children, so he believes this installation is theperfect antidote to put a smile on peoples" faces.