Franco Mazzucchelli: Art to Art

Bocconi Art Gallery in Milan began with the aim of bringing visitors to campus closer to the language of art, and, in particular, the abstract and conceptual language of contemporary  art. University  Bocconi has for years been a voice that communicates not only in economic terms but also in terms of arts and culture. Over the years the University's campus has gathered works of art from various collections and galleries.

Institutions, artists and professionals have participated in producing exhibits and temporary installations. Italian artist Franco Mazzucchelli was invited to develop an installation for the main foyer where he used red PVC. Mazzucchelli has centred his feeling for social issues in his teachings given that the grounds upon which, and for which, a series of experiences had originated, had exhausted themselves. He didn't stop producing his inflatables but involved his pupils in the action, as an occasion for a reciprocal exchange of experiences and ideas. The art of Mazzucchelli has radically changed the meaning of the monumental, underlining the estrangement of contemporary human beings from past forms of communication.