Francois Ballery: Pretty Vases Collection

French designer Francois Xavier Ballery has designed a collection of brightly-coloured vases that look like sectionsof plumbing pipes.
Called Pretty Vases Collection, the objects are made of PVC for French brand Domeau & Pérès. Domeau & Pérès are collaborating with Ballery in order to launch a collection of completely new vases in many shapes. Francois Xavier Ballery has chosen these sections of water pipes in PVC and has drawn his inspiration from construction games by using the object in a novel way, quite different from its original function. According to Ballery "This collection of vases is the perfect human adventure between Domeau & Pérès and myself." It is a spontaneous object, a surprising micro-architecture composed of industrial materials which reveal a new versionof DIY: ultra-modern, the Pretty Vases collection is lacquered, and can be adapted according to your wants and needs. The useful becomes beautiful, and durable.