Fredrikson Stallard: Ming Vase

Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard began their collaboration in 1995 and have since become internationally recognised as leading exponents of British Avant-Garde Design. Their cutting edge, conceptually rigorous work is highly regarded by the cognoscenti, sought after by discerning collectors, and has gained them the accolade of their work being acquired by the National Art Collection.

Fredrikson Stallard has combined a traditional Ming style vase with non-traditional PVC to produce a collection of exquisite vases. The ming vase, made from refined white porcelain and encapsulated in a gloss PVC, juxtaposes high and low culture as well as confronting cultural traditions and conventions. The Ming collection marries high and low culture blending preciousness and mass consumerism. Cultural traditions and conventions are agitated with aesthetics of industry aiming to erase the superfluous. Welcoming the non-conforming in materials and processes with conceptual rigour and visual sobriety encourages us to refrain and accept ambiguity.

Link: www.fredriksonstallard.com