Henrique Oliveira: Tapumes

In Portuguese, the word "tapumes" means fence or enclosure. As an art student in Brazil, the view from Henrique Oliveira's room was a cheap plywood fence that surrounded a construction site across the street. Over a two year period he watched the wood decay, split and peel apart and thought about using it as an alternative canvas for his paintings.Oliveira, who has a BFA in painting and a Masters in Visual Poetics, collected piles of the wood and small pieces of PVC from the streets of Sào Paolo, initially using it as a canvas until one day he noticed that the thin, broken pieces reminded him of brush strokes. This discovery was a pivotal point and he immediately began using the coloured wood as the "paint" on a series of sculptures that took his two dimensional paintings into what he calls ˜tridimensionals". The work is astounding and utterly inviting "full of movement with curves that mimic crashing waves and bulging organic shapes" harsh lines, if any, are softened by a muted colour palette.

Link: www.henriqueoliveira.com