Hu2 Design Creative Stickers

Hu2 Design started two years ago as a market stall in Brick Lane Market, London, at the very heart of the city’s most trendy area. Since then it has been growing at a very healthy rate. Hu2 Design specialises in vinyl sticker designs for walls, ceilings, floors, skirting boards, cornices, mirrors, laptops, furniture, windows, fridges, outside, inside…any smooth surface you can think of. While there is a large selection of stickers already designed by Hu2’s designers, you can also commission your own design. By bringing together diverse talents from different areas of expertise, Hu2 Design is able to provide unique and innovative designs for a vast range of clients, both private and corporate. All Hu2 Design ’s stickers are unique and exclusive, commissioned pieces or off-the-peg. They only sell their own designs (except for the Banksy Tribute, of course). Hu2 Design draws its influences from the East London Universe, Pop Art, the 80s and Street Art and the roguish attitude of subcultures that govern the aesthetic of the urban environment.

Link: www.hu2.com