Ivan Puig: Hasta Las Narices

Mexican born artist Ivan Puig likes a mix of contradictions told in the way of poetry, where he takes simple objects and ideas and applies a level of cerebral complexity that defines his art. Ivan Puig loves controversy, poetry, simplicity and complexity all at the same time, as reflected in his design. The art of Puig mixes a bit of optical fun with a simple yet dramatic flair. His work and imagery gives its viewers a scratch your head moment at first viewing, but as a whole, one can truly appreciate the creativity and subtle poetry he's infused to all his works. Ivan Puig recently created a magical milky environment titled Hasta Las Narices using just water, pigment, glass, and PVC to suspend a Volkswagen sedan. Simple, yet complex, and pretty freaking brilliant. The aim is to reflect on the proportions of events and its relativity.

Link: www.ivanpuig.net