Ivo Vrouwe: Grey Cube

Born 1979, Ivo Vrouwe is a young Dutch designer and architect deeply inspired by fashion and tensile structures in architectural design. He is working on new concepts in order to make the building facade more contemporary, similar to a fashion article.His work has been defined as technological art with modernity and the tectonics of the skin as a starting point. Tensile fabric structures are a dramatic and exciting method of construction, allowing curvature, translucency and the ability to spectacularly light both internal and external spaces.

The visual delicacy created by PVC fabric architecture has led to the conception that tensioned structures like the Grey Cube, designed for the annual Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, are temporary building types. Ivo Vrouwe has developed an effective system to enable high performance envelopes which allow greater architectural freedom. Fabric offers the option of combining creativity with practicality by incorporating artwork into the buildings" structural skin.