Jeff Koons: BMW Art Car

In the spirit of Calder, Stella, Lichtenstein and Warhol, BMW this year announced that the 17th Art Car, created by American artist Jeff Koons, is a GT2, which was homologated to compete at this year's running of the world's most famousendurance race.

As part of his creative process, Jeff Koons collected images of race cars, related graphics, vibrant colours, speed and explosions. The resulting artwork of bright colours conceived by Koons is evocative of power, motion and bursting energy. Its silver interior, along with the powerful exterior design, the Art Car will impart a dynamic appearance even when it's standing still. The challenge to create the BMW Art Car had to do with using light material and a design that would not interfere with the race car's aerodynamics and weight. This is why digital print on car wrapping vinyl was used, covered by a double clear-coating to bring out the colour. To apply hundreds of dynamic lines of Koons design onto the car, CAD designs were translated from 3D into 2D for the printing process and then painstakingly applied to the entire car as well as onto individual spare parts. Koons design incorporates many bright contrasting colours to
communicate the aesthetics of power.

Link: www.jeffkoons.com