Jeroen Van de Kant: Big Blo 2

It's getting hotter everyday, the sky is turning blue, the wind is not going anywhere in particular and everyone wonders if it is time to get another ice cream. Yes, it's the yearly beach-outdoor-fun-time. Most people bring some old towels, some bring cheap plastic things that usually turn out to look like ducks, and  other people buy special blankets that look very nice. But why not bring something completely ridiculous - like your very own Chesterfield sofa. Because, as we all know, a Chesterfield sofa can pop up anywhere at any time, for no particular reason whatsoever. This sofa from Blofield is all about that. It's an inflatable PVC sofa, designed by Jeroen van de Kant. It comes in multi-seater editions, with an electric pump for sheerconvenience.