Jimmy Kuehnle: Air To Air

The simultaneous proximity and distance of people in urban centres motivates the core of the arts practice of Jimmy Kuehnle. He seeks to challenge the public in order to break it out of its repetitive cycle. Humans are very adept at assimilating the world around them to the point that unusual experiences quickly become commonplace.Many wonders and sublime experiences are overlooked.

He makes sculpture and performance props using materials ranging from heavy steel to light inflatable fabric to create novel experiences for the viewer. The work is a hybrid of sculpture, performance, new media and interactive practices. His sculpture at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of art in Nagoya, Japan consisted of five metre high translucent yellow structures connected by long cylinders. The structures dwarfed people standing next to them and occupied the outer atrium. The installation designed by Jimmy Kuehnle follows the steps of the structures conceived by Peter Cook, Yona Friedman, Buckminster Fuller and the members of Ant Farm. Kuehnle's installation looks “lighter than air", is powered by solar energy and made with extremely light materials such as PVC and nylon fabric. Viewers walked along the stretch of yellow pods and children tried in vain to jump up to the connecting tubes above their heads.