Jimmy Kuehnle: Big Red

For his profession, Jimmy Kuehnle wears a strange uniform.The American sculptor and performance artist creates giant inflatable suits that he fills with air with the help of a backpack-mounted fan. Kuehnle then ambles down city streets surrounded by billowing layers of inflated PVC. The suit of the giant installation, named Big Red, is powered by a 12v blower motor, freeing Kuehnle to squeeze though narrow streets and dodge oncoming cars and pedestrians without theneed to be plugged in. The performance will continue his message of, "Stop. Talk to me. We are both people." Kuehnle makes his art 50% for himself and 50% for the viewer. The bright colour of the red suit should attract the attention of pedestrians making nonsense of common sense. Using about 160 yards of PVC fabric and countless metres of thread, the suit engulfs Kuehnle in a conflagration of inflated cones.