Joshua Callaghan Public Art

Artist Joshua Callaghan has a body of work that is always on the move, working with many materials and methods to create his art works and constantly transforming ordinary objects into something extraordinary.He has worked on a series of public art projects in addition to his sculptural installations. The series uses digitally printed adhesive PVC, which Callaghan applies to urban infrastructure like electricity boxes. The graphics on the PVC depict the scene that is hidden behind. The project appears like a reflective surface transforming what could otherwise blight the environment, into a piece of art. His work creates the illusion of an uninterrupted view and the images reflect the view of what you would see if the box were not there. The PVC is permanent and coated with Teflon to prevent graffiti being painted or scribbled on.The tools of each artist reflect his or her approach to the environment and they are honed by years of experience and education. Joshua Callaghan is no exception, and he utilises his background in cultural anthropology and fine arts for his PVC graphic creations that serve both as art and the suggestion of urban improvement.

Link: www.joshuacallaghan.com