Kirsty Collins Cacophony

Kirsty Collins is the artist behind Cacophony, a vinyl project as part of an ongoing investigation into tactility,touch and also ‘untouchability’. Cacophony is a celebration of vinyl records, revelling in their delicious glossy black lined surfaces, that which has been both worshipped and mythologized in recent pop and subversive counter-cultural history. Collins manipulates this rigid material to create dynamic sculptural paintings that seem to dance across the surface, appearing as rhythmic radials and spirals of light and lines, like rhythms speeding out towards you, at once ironic, culturally loaded and beautiful. Kirsty Collins explains her concept with these words: playing a vinyl record is an intimate, sensual,audio-visual experience. When you lower the needle to a record spinning on your turntable, you can watch the light shimmer across it and listen to the familiar warm crackling amplification of its imperfections. I hope that a similar sensual pleasure is found in viewing this low-tech sound painting. When viewed from the front only a linear radial drawing is visible, whilst viewed from the side the image changes into a dynamic concave display of angular black shapes. As you move towards the artwork you realise that it has depth. You can see the mass of black on black, and red, sharp vinyl shards shimmering in the light.

Link: www.kirstycollins.com