Kwangho Lee Lifelike Design

An exhibition of work by South Korean designer Kwangho Lee, including this seating made of woven garden PVC hoses, has been presented at the Hunting and Collecting gallery in Brussels last September.The Kwangho Lee, Lifelike Design exhibition represents an exceptional overview of Kwangho Lee's works in his up-to-now short but brilliant career and thus offers a unique insight into his creations. The exhibition has been accompanied by a looped motion picture about the creative processes behind Kwangho Lee's works in order to further illustrate the context of the design art discipline.Through his unique combination of materials, crafts and concepts, Kwangho Lee evokes true emotion. Working always on concepts as for example primary transformations for primary materials, he tries to see to the other side of materials. Everyday raw and ordinary materials can be madeinto something beautiful, a design for the heart.

Link: www.kwangholee.com