Jozeph Forakis: Labirinto

Magis is a brand that has given a novel twist to domestic design, building its identity on incorporating leading edge technology into mass production. Founded in 1976 in the bustling north eastern corner ofItaly by a ne comer to the furniture business, Eugenio Perazza, Magis is today a giant international design laboratory that constantly puts itself to the test, seeking technological sophistication and employing a highly diversified workforce. Labirinto is a space-partition designed by Jozeph Forakis for Magis. It's composed by a panel in extruded methacrylate, two-way connectors and three-way connectors in extruded PVC. Labirinto is a very flexible domestic product, available in endless compositions, easily adaptable to many different uses.Good product design conveys more than functional excellence and production efficiency: it resonates emotionally with the user, yet advances the brand story. From this point of view, Labirinto is iconic and instantly recognizable, yet it is made with thoughtful attention todetail.