Lagranja Design: Mamba Light

Lagranja Design opened in Barcelona in 2002 when two designers - the Italian Gabriele Schiavon and the Spanish, Gerard Sanmarti got together. Together, along with a solid team, all aged under 35, they produce designs "œfor friends  and companies" which are happy and fun. At Lagranja, theory follows practice, instinct prevails over reason and a "positive attitude" floats over all their projects that are optimistic, full of vitality and yet attentive to the human condition. Mamba is a reading lamp for floor and wall manufactured by the Spanish lighting firm Metalarte. It makes an impact thanks to its versatility and sobriety. With its minimal dimensions, it is capable of satisfying the user's needs for light and harmony. Being discreetly elegant, it adapts to any space.The close attention to detail and the overall design makes the lamp both a sober and sophisticated object. The he had of the lamp, which is made of die-cast aluminum with a polycarbonate diffuser, is inserted in a metallic arm covered with white or graphite grey PVC, making it possible to orient it in countless positions. The use of LEDs as the light source, allows it to be surprisingly small, which makes Mamba a non-invasive object for any home environment. These same characteristics give the lamp an ecological aspect that translates into energy saving.