Luis Pons: Floating Villa

The inflatable pavilion was designed by the Miami-based, Venezuelan-born architect Luis Pons in response to the current real estate boom in Miami where architectural fantasy has given way to predictable McMansions and uninspired excess.The 900-square-foot structure boasts 360-degree bay views, and is illuminated with white lighting throughout its columns and dome, making it visible at night. The PVC villa will be kept inflated by a generator and transported by a flatbed barge to various other locations. We are surrounded by so many inflatable things -- an inflatable culture, an inflatable real estate market -- and I related that to an inflatable house, commented Pons.This is a critical response to the real estate boom andthe insensitive way developers treat the city, with an architecture that doesn't consider the environment. Here you see a building treated with classical style, but it's empty inside.

Link: www.luisponsd-lab.com