Marialuisa Tadei: Waterfall

The work of the Italian artist Marialuisa Tadei is characterised by its forceful metaphors, which hurl matter into space, among folds of light that entwine it with subtly simple lines. Her works reflect ideas that are fleeting yet compelling and that spring from deep in the psyche, like a fissure in the collective unconsciousness. Above all they ake their form from the ability of Marialuisa Tadei to render weightless materials which are usually dense, such as iron, and to give weight to those which are diaphanous or transparent, such as glass and mirrors. She therefore shatters the rational procecesses and, like few other artists on the contemporary scene, leaves space for the lyricism of the mind, for rich materials that seem humble and vice versa.Bot her characteristic wistfulness and her mystical gaze are present in her remarkable Waterfall where she plays with a mix of different materials as PVC and steel. The installation was recently set up at the Biennale of Venezia, at the Pavilion of San Marino with a superb effect in the splendidsurroundings of the Church of San San Samuele.