Marie Eklund: Botanic Collection

The new Botanic collection is a revolutionary breakthrough, woven vinyl flooring which cares for the environment. Botanic contains a new plasticiser which, in turn, is based on renewable raw materials originating from the vegetable kingdom. Botanic reflects nature's variety in organic architecture and wealth of detail. Nature photography and handicrafts have inspired renderings of flowers, herbs and plants in woven vinyl. The colour scale is also taken from the vegetable kingdom with muted, rich tones in combination with bright accents. In Botanic, the goal has really been to create a tangible tex-tile feel. It has a modern look but flirts exquisitely with idioms from the past. The colour variants have been developed to match different needs. A calm nuance is very suitable for large surfaces and projects, but it is also possible to break it with a playful stripe or a colour which stands out, like green or yellow. The weft thread is two-coloured and varies from white to brown in an irregular sequence, which provides a playful and extraordinary look. In this way, even monochromatic floorings obtain a living and exciting look, tactile feelingand depth of fabric. Botanic is manufactured with a thinand mouldable backing.