Marzio Fiorini: Recycled Jewels

Brazilian designer Marzio Fiorini has discovered a new use for PVC and old tyres. Beautifully intricate and whimsical, his jewellery pieces are mostly made from recycled PVC and exude opulence while being environmentally friendly. The idea of working with PVC and rubber came from a dream. The designer believed so much in his dream that he spent one year studying and researching chemistry searching for resistance of the PVC and rubber dosing. Initally he created buttons and rubber labels and soon after the idea of the unusual jewellery was born. MarzioFiorini's collection is completely unique and unassuming. Some pieces are delicate and lacy, others are chunky and modern. Some of the pieces can be combined to make an intricatenecklace, belt, or worn however the fashionista desires.

The design and the PVC materials allow the wearer the freedom to improvise and wear the pieces flexibly. The essence of the brand is suited to women in search of something unique, beautiful and non-traditional.Marzio Fiorini has exhibited his artistic jewellery in several New York, London and other European galleries andmuseums.