Mats Karlsson: Urban Baskets

 The Malmoe Festival started back in 1985 and has, over the years, attracted not only artists such as Lady Sovereign, Yann Tiersen, LCD Soundsystem, Black Milk, Etienne de Crécy, Maria McKee, Grupo Fantasma, Gogol Bordello, Klaxons, Robyn and Mike Patton but also some hundred thousand visitors each festival day. The official figure of visits per year is 1,4 million. But the Malmoe Festival holds more than this. 2009 marked an interesting focus on art and design. The work of Mats Karlsson at Spangatan near Folkets park consists of two giant hand-woven PVC pipe baskets. These giant baskets can be used both indoors and outdoors; they are flexible and become objects wherever they are placed. There is something transformative about Mats Karlsson's design that also has a dramatic effect. This is a monumental construction and it's designed in a way that responds well to present demands for recognisability. This,in combination with its originality and the fact that the ideas behind the design can be understood by everyone who sees it, makes Mats Karlsson's Urban Baskets a highlight at the Malmoe Festival.