Max Streicher: Alto Cumulus

Patricia Urquiola Canasta Collection Patricia Urquiola's work is consistently balanced; she has the rare ability to mix in function, idea, materials, story and scale creating objects that are so complete and mature that you perceive them as classics at first glance.

The Spanish designer has her very own way of drawing shapes and curves, yet her objects are never aggressive but reassuring, they seem to emanate a certain sense of confidence and familiarity. The outdoors collection designed for Italian furnishing firm B&B Italia is another example of her approach to design. Inspired by the ancient art of basket weaving, she weaves wide strings of PVC around large metal structures creating furniture that stands a step closer to architecture and the environment they are meant to be in. Playing with the strongly recognizable geometric patterns of the Vienna straw, the emptiness created inside the conical and rounded structures, the large scale of the weave and the seats themselves, she manages to propose furniturethat has that mixed flavour of somehow, traditional, yet contemporary design. These comfortable, ergonomically shaped chairs are ideal for the swimming pool area or on the garden lawn. They're like pieces of land art, integrating and harmonizing with the surrounding scenery.