Max Streicher Quadriga

Canadian artist Max Streicher’s immense inflatable sculptures spark a wondrous encounter. Created specifically for the roof of the Ludwig Forum for Contemporary Art in Aachen, Streicher’s soft sculptures create a sense of the extraordinary. Filled with air that is blown into the structure using electric fans, the form is intensely captivating, its organic shape inviting a multitude of associations. As
Streicher writes, “I use air to animate my work because it provides an effortless naturalism. It not only looks right, it feels right, recollecting our sensation of breath. Inflatables are the medium of enchantment, fantasy and optimism…†These inflatable creatures are “anti-equestrian monuments,†according to Streicher. Equestrian sculptures are usually made in bronze, and they are all about power and domination. These giant horses are filled with air, are lighter, totally deflatable and not for eternity.

Link: www.maxstreicher.com