Myznik Egor: Soft Clock

More akin to an art object than an instrument of measure, Soft Clock, designed by the young Russian designer Myznik Egor, offers a new perspective on telling time. With their incessant ticking, ordinary wall clocks can give us the feeling of always having to rush. We are constantly reminded, via the sight and sound of the ticking second hand, that it is time to do a particular task – go to work, prepare dinner, walk the dog, or go to bed. Soft Clock presents the time in a way that invites us to admire every minute. The design of this clock reconsiders the way that time is communicated. Soft Clock is a twisting art object rather than a conventional instrument for timemeasurement. This futuristic timepiece consists of an aluminium framework, a C-shaped hour hand, and a glossy, flexiblePVC film.