Patrick Cull: Gravity

In an era demanding youthful and firm bodies and higher-flying athletes, gravity is a greater evil than carbon emissions or a CD from the latest American Idol winner.But, not for the English artist Patrick Cull. His sculptural paintings are imaginative projections — formed by layers of concentric curves or sharply interlocking chevrons — of gravity’s obdurate earthward pull that adds weight to something fixed to a gallery wall. Gravity is both a physical force that animates the work and a conceit for the lineage of modernist aesthetics that informs Cull’s use of abstraction. Patrick Cull’s geometrical honed rows of eye-popping colour contrasts suggest a deep love for Op Art. Optical Art — a way of mapping the complex process of seeing — has its fans. Gravity paintings are made of vinyl and PVC.

Link: www.patrickcull.com