Paul Villinsky: Revolver

As the classic adage states, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." New York artist Paul Villinski takes this sentiment and runs with it into the beautiful realm of winged sculptural installations made from recycled materials. Moving from a serene state of inner zen to craft delicate and life-like butterflies from last night's PVC or aluminum refuse, Villinski precisely snips away at these pieces to truly bring new meaning to the term "metamorphosis." "Revolver" is the latest piece in Paul Villinski's series of vinyl LP record installations. His work deals with the concept of transformation. Spending a week in the post-Katrina landscape of New Orleans in 2006 Villinski found old blues records on the streets; caked in mud, warped from the sun and discarded. He gathered them up, cleaned them off and they became the inspiration for the first vinyl LP record installation he created entitled NOLA Blues. Further Vinyl LP installations have been exhibited inmuseums and galleries across Europe and the USA.