Playdesign Instadio Lamp

With the strength of thirty years of experience, in the field of technical illumination, and a flair for creative entrepreneurship dedicated to innovation, supported by a passion for research and development, Toffolights, in open complicity with designers and architects who render designs in continuous evolution - concrete and attainable, brings to light a product with a strong personality, eclectic in its different lines but unique in the philosophy they encapsulate; a creative charge that intelligently and effectively combines PVC with original lines and practicability.Instadio draws its inspiration from architectural design: from a stadium, which the concept of bands which intersect deals with. A complex form is obtained working with a sheet of white PVC, implemented by pantograph cutting: the external concave of the lamp becomes the hollow of the lamp, creating a pleasant backlighting effect of the bands.The light source is a circular fluorescent lamp.

Link: www.playdesign.it