Remy & Veenhuizen: Concrete Chair

Dutch designers Tejo Remy & Rene Veenhuizen have designed a collection of furniture that looks inflated but is actually made of cast concrete.The series includes two chairs, a bench and table that have been cast inside plastic sheeting and reinforced with steel rods and metal fibres. Remy & Veenhuizen cast each product as a single piece in individual molds created from waterproof PVC or plastic sheeting. Once assembled, the molds are placed upside down and concrete is poured into the feet. The legs are steel reinforced and the concrete itself contains small metal fibers that add stability. The concrete furniture prototypes stem from designers" aesthetic that advocates using mundane material. The new works follow a lineage established in 1991 when Tejo Remy created "Rag Chair,"Chest of Drawers (You Can't Lay Down Your Memories)" and "œMilk Bottle Lamp", which reused and repurposed basic, discarded and underappreciated materials. These new products reflect the ingenuity, curiosity and inventive use of materials that are hallmarks of Tejo and Rene's design ethos.

Link: www.remyveenhuizen.nl