Snake Isao Hosoe

Snake, the articulated free-standing wall, designed by the famous Japanese designer Isao Hosoe, for Italian brand Sacea, is the answer to the growing demand for flexibility in a world of rigid, pre-established, geometrical forms. The concepts elaborated in this project are the result of a long search for the maximum degree of freedom, and ovement, while still conserving its characteristic identity.Snake allies its mutable curves to the straight lines and sharp corners of our habitat, curves which contain and distinguish, confine and enclose. In its outstandingly original way, no environment or space is barred to Snake, so easily can it create temporary work areas even in the most complex multi-functional places. It defines the ambiences in a smoothly-flowing scnographic manner. Snake is assembled, dismantled and changed very easily. An original joint allows the movable wall to be extended and curved to suit individual needs, with no functional limitations.Snake is composed of an impact-resistant and self-extinguishing PVC piping, joined by means of thermoplastic resin components. It creates an ephemeral separation, a protective barrier that does not enclose the space
Link: www.isaohosoedesign.com