Sylvain Willenz: Torch Light

Some emerging young designers are paving the roads for a contemporary Belgian design legacy. The one that jumps out the most, is the young Brussels born, Sylvain Willenz. You could call him the master of mass production, as all of his products are made with a strong sense of process knowledge. Combine this with a love for materials(mainly PVC and rubber) plus a straightforward approach and you end up with simple, yet strong, design solutions. His products are fresh, designed for the current market, but still fun, approachable, and desirable. Willenz's most popular, and well-known, design is the Torch Light for Established & Sons. They look like they're encased in stone but they're actually covered in black rubber. Form-wise archetypal objects inspire them. In this case, the simple silhouette of a typical hand-held torch or car headlight. Making a clear example of the essential experiment in processesbefore production.

Link: www.sylvainwillenz.com