Toby Sanders: Beach Ball Lampshade

Toby Sanders is Design Director of TOBYhouse, a creative interiors studio in London that develops its own range of Home Accessories, as well as offering interiors consultancy in retail, domestic, exhibition and environmental design. The Beach Ball lamp is inspired by beach balls and recycled it for a more homely functional and creative design.The lampshade is a product in real PVC beach ball exteriors and treated with Polyurethane shell interior to keep it from popping from the heat of the light. It hangs through a metal rod with a 40cm diameter spherical lamp shade. The outside surface is made of shiny PVC that looks exactly like a beach ball, including the blowhole, only with an industrially-cut section for the light. Inside is a white spraycolor finish and a 3 to 4mm thick Polyurethane shell.