Tomàs Saraceno: Berkley Exhibition

Argentine artist Tomàs Saraceno looks to the sky and sees possibilities for rethinking how we live in relation to one another - for reshaping notions about nationality and property, and revising our ideas about the fixity of the built environment and the organization of cities. Air-Port-City, Saraceno's ongoing project, envisions networksof habitable platforms made with transparent PVC that float in the air. The freedom of their airborne location allows for sections of living space to join together like clouds, creating aerial cities in constant physical transformation. As Saraceno explains, "Like continental drift at the beginning of the world, the new cities will search for their positions in the air in order to find their place in the universe... [thisstructure is] capable of imagining more elastic and dynamic border rules (political, geographical, etc.) for a new space/cyberspace. "Saraceno's suspended environments give physical form to this conceptual framework, and anticipate in a small scale,the reality of his larger vision.