Jerome Olivet: Visionary Design

In his creative projects, young French designer Jerome Olivet is trying to find the ideal form, inextricably linked with the practical function of the thing. His new collection of bags look like 3-D graphics works:their streamlined shape is reminiscent of fantastic items and bear no resemblance to the usual accessories. Perhaps, after 10-20 years, these bags will be quite commonplace, and yet, this futuristic avant-garde, surprises with the courage of fresh ideas and innovative approaches to designing accessories. The collection includes an iPod bag, a city shoulder bag and a laptop briefcase, all made in PVC and fabric. Olivet has designed a collection with new qualities and forms. A whole emotional universe that magnify our moves. These evolutionary architectures are elaborated upon by a process which combines high technology and hand assembling. In active life, the body must be ultra powerful: these ergonomic solutions, real fusions between our body andthe object offer us magic moments.