Yuri Suzuki: Soundchaser

Product designer Yuri Suzuki has recently developed a collection of objects investigating physical representations of sound in collaboration with the Royal College of Art in London. Soundchaser contains a stylus and speaker that follows a track made from laser-cut pieces of vinyl records. Users connect the chipped pieces of records together to make new tracks. The records are bought at jumble sales or used-record shops; this record player revives forgotten, old records.“These days, most sounds are only digitally recorded.

It's personally feel uneasy about the digitisation of music and itsreduction into data explains Suzuki. “When objects lose physicality they become virtual, and I wonder if digitally-recorded music can survive generations in such a state. My hope is that my project will provoke people's interest in physical music media. This series of works aims to help people re-appreciate sound and its physicality.

Link: www.yurisuzuki.com