Designer: Patricia Urquiola, Spain  
Producer: Moroso, Italy  

Presented at last Milan Furniture Fair, Biknit represents last objects designed by famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola for contemporary Italian brand Moroso.

An exaggerated-stitch pattern, an expanded, intense aesthetic transforms a weave into a visible, dramatic sign. There is no difference between the whole and a detail, the weave itself enhances the articles it covers. Two separate, overlapping elements which, at first sight, do not immediately reveal their abstract, structural connections. The wooden frame takes possession of the design, controlling it, emphasizing its intensity and engendering its shape.

The seat of Biknit, on the other hand, presents an overall vision, highlighting its immediate relevance as comfortable, informal seating. The material used for the weave, thanks to the property of resistance to weather conditions and the sun's rays, allows use outdoors.

An innovative solution, a tubular knit in PVC with polyester core, combined with an internal net in polypropylene containing recycled polyethylene chips was developed exclusively for Moroso.

Technical info:
Extruded PVC with polypropylene net and polyethylene chips

Picture credits:
Courtesy Moroso