Boat Mirrors

Boat Mirrors is an installation created by French designer Jean-Baptiste Fastrez for the Galeries Des Glaces exhibition, at the Galeries Lafayettes in Toulon, that pays tribute to the naval traditions of the city of Toulon in France.

These big mirrors, from one to three meters tall, are thought to fit the grand entrance stairs of the departement store.

The intervention draws visual reference from the nautical industry; the unusually large-scale frames are extensively wrapped in a selection of glossy and matte PVC panels along all sides, mimicking the construction techniques used for small blow-up boats.

Situated at the grand staircase entrance of the upscale department store, the mirrors measure up-to three metres in height, flapping over the interior facade with loose straps and plenty of colourful vinyl.


Project: Boat Mirrors

Location: Dusseldorf, Germany

Designer: Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, Paris, France

Technical info: PVC panels and vinyl sheets

Picture credits: Jean-Baptiste Fastrez