Cherry Tree


Title: Sound Installation
Artist: Paolo Grassino, Italy   
Location: Delloro Contemporary Art, Germany   

Italian artist Paolo Grassino has recently presented “Flüssige – Sachlich”,  a solo exhibition for Berlin-based gallery Delloro Contemporary Art.   With his work he offers a thought on the drift of the modern society, suspended on the edge between natural and artificial. His work is moreover a research that regains the fullest sense of manual skill: Grassino cut PVC tubes with which he covers the ceiling, wood and polystyrene skeleton of his sculptures. With a slow and patient weaving work the artist brings his work to a spectacular level.

The sound installation Armilla is made by PVC tubes and an 8 channel sound composition. Inspired by a tale from the “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino, which tells about a city built only by water pipes, emerges what usually remains hidden and daily sounds become electronic liquids. Meanwhile, in the project space, will be exposed “Deriva”: a sculpture of variable dimensions with an immediate expressive potential. Machines and waste materials are reshaped, reabsorbed by the flow of water and time. The intelligence of nature is to regenerate. The colours move along and rust returns to iron. A possible future already present.

Paolo Grassino has exhibited his PVC creations in many private galleries in Italy and abroad, in many museums and in national and international institutions.

Technical info:
PVC tubes

Picture credits:
Courtesy Delloro Contemporary Art