Virginia Kistler is an interdisciplinary artist focusing on sculpture and with a background in design. Her art practice consists of large interior and exterior sculptures, while her design background includes designing exhibits for children’s museums and science centres, both nationally and internationally. Much of her work explores the growth of urban spaces and the consequences of this growth on the human psyche.  

Virginia Kistler investigates the ubiquity of urban landscapes and the absence of biodiverse spaces in our lives. She seeks to record the impressions created by urban spaces, flora, and fauna as a way of understanding this changing landscape and to investigate the intersection of the two. Inspired by satellite photos of contemporary cities taken at night, she creates light maps or light impressions of urban spaces.  

Using these light impressions, Virginia projects the darkened maps and cuts away what remains to create hanging sculptural forms and two-dimensional work which consist of laser-cut PVC elements suspended with steel cables. The darkened light maps symbolise the fluctuating presence and absence of urban and natural spaces.


Project: Chiaroscuro

Location: Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Designer: Virginia Kistler, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Technical info: Laser-cut PVC sheet

Picture credits: Virginia Kistler

Website: www.virginiakistler.com