Contorted Sculptures


Designer: Florian Hafele, Austria     
Producer:  Carbon 12, Dubai    

The central theme of Viennese artist Florian Hafele is the observation of the body, which reflects many questions about our social environment and its related phenomena. Hafele’s work translates into sculptures of deformed creatures, human as well as object, which develop a multi-interpretable essence through various contortions. 

Hafele creates sculptures using materials that vary from PVC and paint, to wood and plastic. What all his sculptures have in common is a contortionist or deformed quality.

Hafele's sculptural language usually focuses on one primary question; performance, which, when changing perspective, leads to a multitude of alternative views, interpretations and concluding questions. Consequently this enables the observer to continuously re-discover the sculpture, opening divergent ways of reading its context.

His pieces featuring a human figure never show the face of the by erasing the humanity of the figures in eliminating facial expression combined with the placement of the figure's limbs with added shapes, the single dimensional and desperate reality of the figure is highlighted.

Technical info: PVC, wood
Picture credits: Carbon 12