Contra Dictions


Contra Dictions is a new fashion line recently shown at Dutch Design Week, designed by Rotterdam-based designer Martijn van Strien using laser-cut PVC to create dazzling, futuristic patterns that look like a graphic designer's alien dream.


The mood of the collection is inspired by a man traveling the edges of his existence. It’s about staying on the move, visiting different places, looking for the unknown in search of yourself. It’s about being confused, and lost, and liking it, about perpetual change. About the contrast between real and unreal, between organic and geometric, alive and dead, material and non-material.

Made using high-tech equipment to turn unconventional materials such as PVC into wearable pieces, this collection is an exploration into the future of fashion. Taking a parallel path to the opportunities 3d-printing brings to product design, this technique makes one-of-a-kind, custom garments possible to exactly fit the “consumer’s” size and demands. A 21st century approach to haute couture.

The material came from long research into the possibilities of making heavy industrial materials lighter, flexible and more wearable. The goal was to add different qualities to one piece of material to eliminate the need to use different materials in one garment. All holes and outlines are cut into the PVC by using a laser cutter which makes it easy to adapt a garment to specific sizes, prints or other requirements. Each garment can be unique, there is no need to mass-produce large amounts of the same garment.

The shapes are inspired by architecture. They’re kept simple and square because the main focus is on the material. It’s a ‘unisex’ collection because van Strien doesn’t believe in the difference between men and women. Physically there doesn’t have to be much difference, so also what they wear can be similar. 


Project: Contra Dictions

Design: Martijn van Strien, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Producer: MPHVS, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Technical info: PVC laser-cut sheets

Picture credits: Olya Oleinic

Website: www.martijnvanstrien.com